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Posted on 16 March, 2014

Almost Human - Beholder (and a Bit More)


Not great, but definitely better than Disrupt. Got a real nice batch of Kennex/Dorian snark again, some good interplay with the rest of the department, and an interesting potential complication to set up our case for the week. Good music, too. And, we finally get to see a male Chrome without…

To answer the clear walls things - they have nanotechnology, it is possible that the windows can go opaque per request (the technology is actually available now! but they run an electric current through the glass instead of nanotech). The clear walls will be much less intimidating for non-criminal witness interviews, encouraging cooperation. It might also be to prevent that movie-like police violence and physical intimidation in “off camera” interview rooms. Also, it could be just a “meeting room” used for interview because of convenience and they have other rooms specific to that elsewhere. Mostly, they are clear, because it looks “cleaner and modern” this way. Probably. Also they can re-use the set. 

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Posted on 25 February, 2014
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PSA re: Whitewashing


So I’ve noticed an increasingly prevalent practice in the Almost Human fandom lately where people literally whiten Dorian/Michael Ealy’s skin tone to practically albino. Wtf.

Whitewashing ain’t cool. Please don’t do it.

(Yes, Michael Ealy is relatively light-skinned for his race and he does…

I am really curious where you have seen it. The only places where Dorian’s skin tone is lightened to match John’s, is in the official promo photography! I’ve seen his skin darkened more than it actually is though, in fanart. 

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Posted on 22 February, 2014
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I don’t want Kennex and Detective Stahl to be together. I’d rather have her be fine on her own without someone or even be interested in someone (boy or girl) else not from the precinct.

Whose to say she’s not bisexual?

I’d also rather see Rudy meet someone because he’d be so awkward. I want…

Same thoughts. I really really like it when there is friendship like that. It doesn’t have to evolve into a sexually interested kind like everything on TV seems to be. Amazing friendship is NOT a step down. If I want to read alternative romantic interpretation that’s what fanfiction is for, and it caters to other tastes rather than the stale scripted romance. 

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Posted on 19 February, 2014
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I wonder if the androids in the Almost Human universe follow Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. 

Based on the episode unbound, I would have to say no. 

Even if we treat it as an exception, Dorian’s behaviour suggests that no (“lead you in?” was said in a situation where an MX said it was dangerous to do so.In disrupt the hacker says that since he is a DRN his programming will allow her to take her own life. Oh, and he punched Paul in simon says). 

Even with the MXs the context is different. Police work this far into the future seems to involve a lot of potential brutality, violence. 

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Posted on 18 February, 2014
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No AC, no relief. We got summered in. 

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Posted on 18 July, 2013

Too early for the morning run?

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Posted on 11 July, 2013

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Posted on 11 July, 2013

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Posted on 24 January, 2013

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